Bryan Bell Video & Film
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Enhance your branding and reach new customers with custom video assets from professional videographer Bryan Bell.

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I’m a videographer and editor who loves creating films and videos for businesses, artists, and individuals with messages that need to be heard.
As a teen, I would watch movies and be so impressed with the angles, colors, and the seamless editing that sparked emotions in me. This led to me purchasing my first Canon DSLR camera in 2012, which I then began shooting music videos for friends with.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my passion for video and filming would eventually turn from a hobby into a career! I eventually started shooting a larger variety of videos, ranging from artist promos, to weddings, and even corporate films.


In 2015, my girlfriend Jenny and I moved to Asheville, where we started Heartistree Studios, a film production company focused on creating wedding and elopement films. Due to our drive and combined experience, as well as the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina we live in, our business took off full-time, yet my passion to help the individual business owner or artist still remained.

That passion is what led me to focus on my own freelance videography, where I create films for the upcoming and local business owner, the aspiring artist who dreams of sharing their passion with the world, as well as educators and teachers who create courses for others to learn from.

The ability to create videos that help individuals reach others with their message is truly a gift that I cherish, and one that has brought a wealth of joy and new experiences in my life.

If you have an idea for a project, reach out to me and let’s work together!

Whether your idea is big or small, I’d love to help you turn your dreams into reality.